Friday, February 20, 2009

Dharma Talk: How observing the "feeling tone" can minimize suffering

The image Have you done your dharma practice today?

To warm everyone up for March meeting of the
Spirituality, Empowerment, and Wellness Bookclub... selection will be
Against the Stream
by Noah Levine

This book is Buddhism 101
for the common person.

SN Goenka says Buddhism is not a religion,
but a "science of mind"....  I agree! to warm us up to the book,
    I present this Dharma Talk by Gil Fronsdal:

Look for Satipatthana Sutta - Week 6 (Feeling-Tone)  10/06/03 40:49
Direct Link: Download  Play

Much of the purpose of Buddhism is as
a technology for the avoidance of suffering

We spend so much of our life suffering
because we are chasing pleasurable experiences
and pushing away unpleasant ones.

In this talk, Gil describes how the Buddha,
"this enlightened person" Siddhartha Gotama,
the master scientist of mind,
discovered how we can be free from the bondage of suffering
by simply observing the "feeling tone" of each experience.

Each experience can be

1) pleasant
2) unpleasant
3) neutral

By learning how to simply observe this tone
in each moment
rather than get overly involved,
usually with craving or aversion,
anger, jealously, desire, or other passion,
we can all be free of suffering.

When we are all free of suffering,
We will all be happy.
Happiness is possible for all beings!

When we are all happy,
   all wars will end.

Check it out!

Here's to Peter DeMott (1947-2009)
a Catholic Worker who exemplified the ideals
of compassion and service.

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