Monday, February 23, 2009

Looking for assistance from corporate media
and all citizens
to help investigate this story:

1,100 eviction proceedings in 6 years!
They only have 641 Units!

Andre is a social worker
who discovered this little scam.
Look what they've done to him.

This story is HOT HOT HOT
you can't imagine who all is involved...

But here's the thing, people.
We can't vilify the people responsible.
Apparently bad decisions have been made.
Apparently, injustice has occurred,
yet we must all be able to offer forgiveness,
if any of us want to be free.

If we hold hate in our hearts
for either side
we will fight with each other
until this whole beautiful earth is destroyed.

But the truth needs to be known here.

BHA Houses Old People, Sick People, Poor People.

Let's get some sunshine on those books
and make sure those people are being treated properly,
that there are adequate beds for all needy people,

and that the design of Downtown
e.g. what kind of housing is constructed,
and the potential expansion of BU,
that this should be a public discussion.

There is a strong argument to be made
that the real housing need downtown
is for poor people, sick people
(including the mentally ill)
and the elderly .

And what are we talking about, really?
Is a subsidy to NEWMAN
to construct expensive housing
to rich kids university kids.

You can bet the farm that
Newman is going to make a
handsome profit on this project.

And under no circumstance
should he profit from rents.
Which is what I'm pretty sure is going on
at University Plaza.

Do you see why this is?
Because it centralizes too much power in Newman.

Newman is the general contractor for the project.
Newman works sweet deals for the University
and municipal governments, who then
grant him special favors.
Newman's people sit on the housing commission,
and make decisions about city planning.

This is not a good idea!

To allow a private developer the ability to

* profit from construction
* profit from rents

and then sit on the housing commission??!!!
That is madness.

And this whole Andre Massena story
connects all these players together,

and the disgusting net result of
this incestuous relationship
Is a mass displacement
of poor people sick people elderly people,
harassment in the courts
where the people are not informed of their rights
under the law
and people (Andre, Stan, Bill)
who try to help these people
are extremely hassled, threatened,
even arrested.

All people deserve a decent place to live
yet, the people who suffer the most in society,
are forced onto the streets
and into the prisons
and who knows where

just out of here
that's is what seems to matter to these people.

to make way for the Starbucks-drinking
clean-cut University kids!


That's our design.

But is this compassion?

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