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Uncertainty, Tesla and the Tunguska event

Here's what the Pinchbeck article brings up for me:

The End of the Age of Certainty

OK, so at the last meeting of the local Theosophical Society,
discussion and film about Nikola Tesla,
one guy (Tom Moberg) mentioned SOMETHING AMAZING! 1908, Nikola Tesla was playing around with a giant high voltage RF generator in Wycliffe, NY (Long Island). 

He was wanted to send a signal to Robert Peary, who was exploring the North Pole.  Tesla shot a giant ball of plasma into the air. He thought it would provoke an Aurora Borealis.

PS: Tesla was telling the US Military that he
had an idea for a "Death Ray", which he wanted
funding to develop as a defensive shield.

So he shoots this ball of artificial lightening into the air.
Peary didn't report seeing anything unusual.

Something sure happened!!!

The image In a remote region of Siberia called Tunguska,
a forest was destroyed
an area somewhere between this size
of New York City and the State of Rhode Island.

They say it has the energy of 1,000 Hiroshima bombs.  It took 20 years for Westerners to get to the location. Trees were still flattened.

Were these events connected?

Radical physicists now are suggesting Tesla hit a natural resonant frequency  of the ionosphere called the Schumann Cavity.

Some call this "sacred physics" or "feminine science",
whereby non-linear functions in nature,
and nearby/adjacent external power sources (free energy)
are used with an apparent amplification effect.

The net result is that
small energy inputs can have massive outputs.

I believe this is what is going on in the
Keely Motor and other so-called perpetual
motion machines.

So, I posted the Tesla-Tunguska hypothesis
to various lists. I posed it like questions:

"Did Tesla invent a death ray...?"
"Did he accidentally destroy the Tunguska forest?"

One person who responded was a
professor of astrophysics from Cornell
He dismissed this theory as false
without explanation:

"...any physicist with the requisite specialization
can judge most engineering claims in a matter
of minutes as to broad credibility
", he wrote.

In other words, he didn't examine the data.

Here is what I wrote back:

You say no no no
with apparent certainty.
What is the source of your certainty?

Have you examined the data?

Or do you have divine insight into the truth?
i.e., are you in direct contact with God?

Certainty, while somewhat typical
of academics from my observations,
is an obsolete and false concept
born of human arrogance.

It comes from the age of Newton, Bacon, and Descartes
and is associated with Dominator Culture,
exploitation and conquest.

However, it does not deal with the modern realities
of Werner Heisenberg (quantum uncertainty), Benoit Mandelbrot (chaos/fractal geometry), Kurt Godel (incompleteness theorem), Fritjof Capra (critique of materialism), Terrence McKenna (transcendental objects), Rupert Sheldrake (morphogenic+consciousness fields), etc....

These scientists have shown that

1: certainty is a myth of false view of materialism,
    promoted as truth: the dogma of the orthodoxy
     of the academy

2: the effects of consciousness on the universal field
    is far greater than previously described by Western
   (although accurately described in the Vedas > 2,500 years ago).

So, whenever I hear people speaking w/certainty,
I say: Check yourself.
Get updated on the current state of research.


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