Friday, March 27, 2009

Drug War Update, Mar 09

Campaign Trail '08, Obama admits drug war has failed, jail not correct solution.
14 Gold Medal Olympian Michael Phelps loses Kellogg's endorsement over photo of bong hit. (2/1/09).
He admits to "behavior which was regrettable and demonstrated bad judgment". Police shoot student over 1 Tbs. of marijuana (3/13)

Obama reverses his previous stand during Town Hall question
about pot legalization last night -- met with (staged?) ridicule?
(see for yourself) Mainstream media says it's a mistake!!!!

DEA busts medical marijuana facility in SF despite CA state law
also also yesterday (3/26)

Hillary Clinton goes to Mexico, admits
"Clearly, what we have been doing [War on Drugs] has not worked",
while US pledges $700M to "strengthen" US/Mexico border.

FAFSA funding may be revoked for minor pot conviction,
unless you attend "acceptable drug rehabilitation program"

NY State moves to repeal Rockefeller Drug Laws,
but will the "reform" go far enough?

Let's bring Kevin Booth to BU!
or at least organize a screening of his film American Drug War!!

(need BU campus organizers!!)

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