Sunday, March 29, 2009

Four Foundations of Mindfulness -- Great talk!

For those who want to explore the Dharma with me...
(Dharma is the path to peace!)

Here is a great talk on the
Four Foundations of Mindfulness, by Ven. Hahinda:

His discussion of the 32 Parts of the Body meditation had be cracking up!

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The Four Foundations of Mindfulness
is a core teaching on Buddhist meditation
which some say forms 80% of practice.

Here is a related study guide:

The intent is to cultivate and practice:
insight serenity contemplation concentration equanimity
(skt: vipassana samadhi dhyana dharana jhana upekᚣa)

The Sattipattana Sutta from the Buddhist Pali Cannon
and the Yoga Sutras from Patajanli
form the best description of meditation around.

Hope this helps,
May all beings be happy!

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