Friday, March 13, 2009

Public Access TV proposal

Proposal:  Binghamton Public Access TV Studio

prepared by Bill Huston

Primary Mission:

To form a non-profit corporation which will
provide training, facilities, and production assistance for
local-interest television shows which benefit the local community.

These facilities and equipment shall be allocated on a first-come,
first-served, non-discriminatory basis.

Initial Goals/Projects:
  1. Well-equipped studio for public affairs, arts, plays, and bands.
  2. Built w/Time Warner access point for live capability w/phone calls
  3. Multi-camera remote switched capability
  4. (eventual) Playback responsibilities for all public access shows.

Kick start projects:
  1. West Fest (possibly live?)
  2. Blues on the Bridge (possibly live?)
  3. First Friday Live

Initial Jobs / Roles:

Common qualities of all participants:

Participants should be visionaries, able to see
the potential of what can be done with public access TV
to promote local artists, musicians, and local art scene,
and to provide local-interest public affairs, in-depth discussion,
and news not currently covered by any other outlet.

Participations should have vibrant, creative energy,
can-do attitude, self-starters, team players,
ability to seek out & write grants, creative fundraising ideas.

Must be committed to the concept of universal free speech,
and diversity of opinion.

PLUSES: Experience as board member of a non-profit, connections
with local arts scene, experience in television production.

Unpaid positions:

Board Member 1:  5 years experience as a non-profit board member, with an interest in media and/or arts.
Board Member 2:  Audio/video tech expert, production experience. Interest in non-profit administration.
Board Member 3:  Major connection to the Binghamton Arts scene. Creative vision of TV potential.

More board members will be added later. Combinations of these skills and interests
are ideal. Other expertise and visions considered.

Paid positions:

Executive Director (ED) -- may be a board member:
   Natural leader, well liked, team member, easy going style,
   resolves conflicts -- not creating them. Prior non-profit
   administration experience, grant writing experience.

Station Engineer -- Super tech guru. Responsible for building
   the station from the ground up. Responsible for capacity planning,
   Daily tech operations. Maintains equipment and deals with repair issues.
   Provides training and certification to public access producers.
   Responsible for equipment check-out, and check-in.

Station Administrator -- Assists the Executive Director. Provides office management
   and reception duties. Interfaces with public access producers and technical
   staff. Deals with booking the studio, and portable equipment. Creates the playback
   schedule with assistance of ED and SE.

Bill Huston
Binghamton NY
Phone: 607-321-7846

Email:  WilliamAHuston at gmail

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