Monday, April 13, 2009

Do you know someone with an unhealthy craving, desire, or addiction?

Another in the series on how to end violence:

Do you know someone with an unhealthy
craving, desire, or addiction?

Here is an amazing talk (audio) on this very
subject by Joseph Goldstein: 
(both MP3 and streaming available)

Goldstein shows how the practices of
insight and calming meditation
can be useful in the self-treatment
of addictions and compulsive behaviors.

Cravings, Desire, Aversion, Hatred are all
compulsions on the same axis, according to the
Buddhist psychological model, and are
all sources of great suffering and violence.

A primary function of meditation practice is to
observe and study these normal mental fluctuations
and practice detaching from them, thus freeing oneself
from the bondage of habitual indulgence in harmful behaviors.

Goldstein is one of the preeminent (lay) Buddhist teachers
in the US, one of the first to focus specifically on teaching
vipassana (insight) meditation practice, and is the co-founder
(with Jack Kornfield and Sharon Salzberg) of the
Insight Meditation Society in central Massachusetts.

I hope this helps someone
be happy!

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