Saturday, April 18, 2009

Jessica Murray: Soul Sick Nation - An Astrologer's View of America

Wow! This is the greatest thing I've heard all week:

Jessica Murray
Soul Sick Nation
An Astrologer's View of America
(September 12, 2008)
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This is all about the great year, precession of the equinoxes,
2012, Age of Aquarius, the age of Maya, the Kali Yuga...
it explains social upheaval and revolution
as being natural cycles.

Here are some quotes:

"This is a transit governed by unpredictability."

"It's only the human desire for stasis
that leads us to think
disruptive historical periods like this one
are fluke-ish, dangerous, and weird.
But Astrology sees this as cyclical
no weirder nor less predictable
then the monthly full moon.
Just a bit more infrequent,
and a tad bit more intense."

"As for this iteration of the transit,
there is only one thing for certain.
It's purpose is to destabilize,
the cherished complacency of the norm.

I can't believe I'm getting into astro!

But it's just predictions of repeating cycles
using the great clock in the sky.
It is perfectly reasonable science.

The amazing thing to ponder is
how the heck did the ancient Rishis and Mayans
some of them being naked beggars
figure this shit out!

(Of course they told us how:
The Rishis used simple tools
Insight, Concentration, Meditation
as described in Yoga and Buddhism, Vedanta, Samkhya. )

Big thanks to my friend for giving me the first intro :)

Also of interest: Caroline Casey (check youtube)
-- similar to Jessica Murray, but funnier, a trixtriss...:)

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