Thursday, April 2, 2009

The justification for eating meat.

My new friend FB Randy has allowed me to revisit
a subject I've been mostly silent about for many years:

Here's how it is:

A lion must eat meat to live.
A human who lives in close proximity
to a typical American supermarket
can live quite well -- probably HEALTHIER!!*
as a complete vegan.
Oh, and it's better for the earth.

(* Read the China Study)

That stuff about balanced protein is horse shit.

A more probable excuse is purely cosmetic:
Eating beans makes some people fart,
so this therefore makes it morally permissible
to spill the blood of a sentient creature?
(in their world, not in mine).

The fact is this: (you may not like to hear)

Unless you are eating road kill,
or animals which die of old age,

You eat meat solely because you prefer taste of blood.
That's all.
There is no logical, health, financial, moral, or scientific necessity* for it.
Blood is simply your preference.

(* in fact, if you analyze it by any of those factors,
  the answer one finds is usually: eat more plant foods!)

This behavior causes unnecessary violence against
sentient creatures
which have complex emotional states,
memory, cognitive learning, self-awareness, use language,
play, have sex, etc, oh, and feel pleasure and pain.


I don't like the choice of violence.
It offends all of my senses, my intellect,
The sight of it makes my heart ache.
Blood indulgence disgusts me.

NOTE WELL: I am not judging you,
I am just stating the facts as they are
and telling how I am affected by it.

Adding more violence to the world
is a choice we all pay for.

Yes, we all need to cultivate more compassion
for all creatures.

I & we each have sinned.

Forgiveness and compassion should
always prevail over judgment.

Choices are continuous,
and a new choice can be made tomorrow
regardless and independent
of the choice one made yesterday.

Buddhists like to say:
May all beings be happy!

Bill Huston
Binghamton NY
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