Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Source of Violence

Here is a diagram I have been working on which illustrates
the sources of violence and suffering, based on my
understanding of Buddha Dharma and Yoga:

The image

Notice there are several ways to change the dynamic.

1: Since no sensual experience provides lasting satisfaction, practice withdrawing from the senses.

2: Since mental fluctuations (the chattering monkey mind) is for most people,
   a source of agitation and delusion, we must practice quieting the mind
   by cultivating a quiet calm, and mental stillness, with
   present-moment awareness meditation (HERE-NOW).

3: Since much violence is caused by ignorance and delusion, cultivate correct vision
   with insight meditation.

4: Since our habits are to get involved in our passions, we must cultivate a practice
    of not denying our experience, but simply noticing our emotions and related
    body sensations, but to not get too involved.

5: Since our habit is to respond to unpleasant sensations and emotions
    by unconscious reaction, we must cultivate mindfulness at every step,
    infusing each situation with patience, compassion, forgiveness, satisfaction, gratitude.

This practice is described by the Four Noble Truths, and the Eightfold Path of Buddhism,
and the Four Yogas of the Gita, which includes Patanjali's system of Raja Yoga.

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