Monday, May 25, 2009

apparent vs. actual cause of suffering

This is an important detail from my graphic called
"Apparent vs. Actual Cause of Suffering".

Some of you have seen the expanded "Mind-Model" chart.

The entire graphic began to illustrate this single point:

I sincerely ask you to click through and examine the large image:

The image

Here is the complete set:

I am available to give a discussion of this information to any group.
This is the result of 2 years of research after a near-death experience.
I have a certain expertise in the subject matter of suffering, it seems :)

This is a technology to bring about peace,
peace in the world, but starting with peace in the self.

Please have a look at this.

The general problem of happiness vs. suffering
was completely solved 2,500 years ago!
by a nearly starving, nearly naked guy
sitting under a tree in India.

That's all this is: Buddha Dharma.

I have not discovered anything new.
The truth (apparently) is timeless, eternal.

This is not religion or supernatural.
It is completely logical and practical,
and it works for most people
who sincerely try the practice

(no mumbo-jumbo... just quietly sitting, breathing)

I hope this helps many people
escape from the bondage
of their suffering.

May all beings be happy
may all enjoy life!

Bill Huston
Binghamton NY
Phone: 607-321-7846

Email: WilliamAHuston at gmail

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