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Re: bing shooter

Hi Scott,

It's taken me about 6 weeks to come up with a response
to this, but I finally have something for you. (see the attached diagram).

Q: What is reality vs. delusion?

Robert Anton Wilson has written extensively about a concept from both General Semantics and Meta-Linguistics: The structures of our language affect the reality we experience. NB: this is generally accepted science, and rather uncontroversial now in academia.

There is a really deep, amazing, and powerful truth here
to be revealed upon ponder this for a bit.

Really think about that for a moment.

RAW points out that our brain receives from the nervous system about 10,000 signals per second, and promptly drops about 95% of it as being unimportant.

Also, you and Rob have pointed out in your show about chemtrails, most people immediately discard (or get hostile!) when presented w/any information which is significantly outside of their paradigm of normalcy, or is offensive to their political or religious beliefs.

RAW says what we call "reality" is really more like a "reality tunnel", and everyone's is different. If when we attempt to describe reality we resort to the world of concepts, we have already over generalized, induced errors (delusion), and missed important features.

There is a method to "see reality as it is", but it requires some study and lots of practice. This method is described in the Sattipattana Sutta, part of the Pali Canon of Buddhism. Unless one is practicing a method like this, to speak about what is "real" is really more like describing one's own particular delusion, which is partly chosen, and partly suffered due to lack of skill or mindfulness.

Q: Isn't the problem "OUT THERE"? (in the external world)

So when we come up with a theory, about 9/11 or the Illuminati
or the NWO, or about Monsanto or corporations, or Chemtrails,
this theory exists in the cognitive, or thinking mind. There is
an emotional response, and a response in the body.

Our entire mind-body system then reacts!

We either react mindfully, and skillfully
or we react unskillfully, habitually, unconsciously.

This is what I have been studying for the last 2 years.
I have discovered something amazing, mind-blowing,
which can be expressed in a single sentence:

The seeds of our suffering
lie in the character
of our relationship to experience.

If we observe, allow, and yield:
We are at peace.

If we resist our experience, with craving or aversion:
Then we suffer.

This is the sum of all Yoga, all Buddhism, all NVC
and a dozen other self-help disciplines.

We either react mindfully, and skillfully
or we react unskillfully, habitually, unconsciously.

I have learned that when we react mindfully,
this leads to the experience of bliss!

When we react unskillfully, habitually, unconsciously,
this leads to suffering.

I too used to think:
My purpose here is to expose the population to
the lies of the corporate media!!!!

But what is the real need here?
What is my true motivation?
Why would I want to do this? (or anything, really!)

... to be happy, maybe?

You see, what I've learned is...
and you will come to the same conclusion
if you think it through completely...

It's all about happiness!

Being happy yourself, and teaching others how to be happy!
Honestly wishing all other beings to be happy!

And whether you are a Libertarian type activist:

The United Nations black helicopters are coming to take our guns!
9/11 was an inside job! Abolish the Fed! The NWO!!! FEMA Prison camps! Depopulation!!

or a Green type activist:

Global Warming! Bush! Corporations! WTO! Monsanto ate my baby!!!

.... both are convinced that the problem is "out there", in the external world.
When some external condition is met, THEN maybe I can be happy!

...and what? If that doesn't come, no happiness?
It's a prescription for suffering!

Yet, activists spend their lives doing the activist dance,
filing petitions and lawsuits, getting involved in politics, attending protests...
I did!!

... and after years and years and great efforts,
nothing much changes except that nagging feeling deep inside
that something just isn't right.

People spend their whole lives chasing some future goal,
attached to some particular goal or outcome,
and they end up missing their lives, always chasing change,
rarely achieving it what they want, and thus are rarely happy.

Whereas if the goal was happiness,
this may have indicated a different way of living.

It's not living in denial of reality, enforced by drinking the
Jim Jones "Kool Ade" (or "kook aid") as you suggest.

In fact, just the opposite! In fact, it's trying to
really see reality as it is, without coloration or judgment,
accept the reality of our experience, with ease and allowing,
no matter what that reality has to offer.

Now I know this sounds really weird and foreign.
It did the first time I heard it.

But it's just a different way of looking at the world.
That if the goal of living is happiness,
most people are going about it all wrong!

Buddhist Yoga NVC Mind Model v.5

I hope this helps someone...

Bill Huston
Binghamton NY
Phone: 607-321-7846

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