Friday, June 5, 2009

Fantastic resource for Yoga/Buddhist scholars

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 If you are a serious student of Yoga, Buddhism, Vedanta, or any Sanskrit literature, please check out this fantastic resource!

And it's all free!!

Lama Marut is a great living teacher who teaches Buddhist, Yogic, and other ancient Indic texts in these on-line Sanskrit courses:

All of the training materials are there,
PDFs of handouts, Quizes, and hours of audio!

It's a great way of deepening one's knowledge
of the Gita, Yoga Sutras, and Sanskrit Buddhist
texts, and learn Sanskrit at the same time.

This is really a gold mine, if you are into this sort of thing!
I'm listening to  "Sanskrit Readings, DMU, Spring Term, 2008
Class 2, chapter 26."

He teaches often on the east coast
at ACI Cape Ann, MA:

If you find materials valuable,
please consider sending ACI some dana,
in gratitude to them for making this
material absolutely freely!!!

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related to Indian wisdom traditions.

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