Monday, June 8, 2009

The Secret to Happiness in 24 Minutes! (... new video online)

(Thanks to everyone who came out, to the SEW Bookclub!
It was a very lively meeting!)

I have a new video will go online on my Vimeo channel:
It's called "The Secret to Happiness explained in 24 min."

Secret to Happiness explained in 24 min (click here for my Vimeo page).

(Notice: Vimeo is been acting very slow lately... if it doesn't play, keep trying!)

The video refers to this chart on my Flickr site:
(for hi-res images, 1) go to my Flickr site, 2) make sure you are looking at the set called "Latest Versions", 3) select the image you want to view or print, 4) select "all sizes" link just above the picture)

mind model diagram
Text description is here: alternately:

The graph is too detailed for the TV screen, so you may want to refer the actual graphic while you watch the video.

This graph in some ways unifies Buddhism, Yoga, NVC, Ho'oponopono, Louise Hay, Law of Attraction, NVC (Nonviolent Communication), General Semantics, EFT, and I suspect even more healing, creation, and self-help techniques.

It's hard to completely purify oneself from ego involvement,
but I think this is a very great work in that it has the potential
to help many suffering people.

I would be grateful for your comments / constructive criticisms.

I know some people have issues with style.
So, I would be grateful for constructive criticism as to
how I can improve my skills as a teacher,
and speak in a manner accessible to the widest audience.

My greatest wish is that this information helps someone be happy!
I am grateful to all my teachers.
I am grateful to be able to produce this material.

River Read Books is selling framed versions for $15.
This amounts to a very small donation to me and the store (after costs).

Does that seem like a lot to pay?
Most people think it's really beautiful, and functional art.
AND... what this chart contains is PRICELESS!
It's the key to happiness and the answer to suffering.

If you want one and have no money, you can still have one.
Contact me.

Remember: If you pay full price or give a greater donation,
this helps me make these teachings available to even more people.

Anyway, all the diagrams are online, for you download for free!

The July 11 meeting of SEW Book Club will feature
the book Mutant Message Down Under,
by Marlo Morgan... our first fiction book!

Get it from River Read Books!
Support Locally-Owned Businesses!

Don't forget the NVC Intensive coming to Binghamton in June!
with new deep discounts for Binghamton-area people who
can provide their own meals, and host a visiting student:

Bill Huston
Binghamton NY
Phone: 607-321-7846

Email: WilliamAHuston at gmail

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