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The REAL Health Care Debate: Western Profits/Materialism vs. Eastern Spirituality

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The problem with the present health care "debate" is that one side is never represented. There is an assumption on "both" sides that the Western medical model actually promotes healing, which is demonstrably false. The best they can do is to set bones, and treat symptoms e.g. pain.

Belief is VERY important to healing. So if you are presently involved in a Western therapy, BELIEVE it will work for you! You body/mind wants to be well!

People can and do get well despite the barbaric "therapies" of chemo, surgery, and pills, but this is *in spite of* Western medicine, and not because of it. Western medicine is very, very misguided.


The two areas which corrupt Western medicine are 1) the profit motive, and 2) the scientific/materialist model of nature.

The profit motive means they will do any bizarre procedure which they can bill for, whether it is good for the patient or not. Clearly, when profits are at stake, the long term health of the patient is NOT in the interest of the doctors, hospitals, and pharmacos. There's no money to be made from a population of healthy people!

A major clue about the dynamics of the present "debate": ALL network news programs and yes, even the "opposition" show, John Stewart are funded by pharmaceutical industry. Follow the money.

Fritjof Capra, in the book Turning Point wrote the best critique of the incompleteness and errancy of scientific materialism applied to healing arts. Materialism is blind to, or worse, utterly denies anything related to SPIRIT, the animating force, the breath of life. (The root of "spirit", is the same as "aspire": to breathe, dream, or desire)

According to Indian philosophy (yoga, Buddhism), the root cause of all disease and all suffering is MIND.
So it is with mind that we have to work and to master.


I highly recommend reading the following, which are PRACTICAL guides to healing the root cause of disease.

Try any or all of these:

  1. Yoga: find a teacher. Find a teacher who practices Postures, Breath, and Meditation.
    At some point, study the Eight Limbs of Raja Yoga, also the Four Yogas of the 'Gita.

  2. Buddhism: Find a local Sangha (meditation and study) group.
    For me, Yoga and Buddhism are both a practice, and a science of mastering the mind.

  3. The best book on self-healing is: "You Can Heal Your Life" by Louise Hay.
    Available locally in the Binghamton area at River Read Books,
    Clintwood Healthy-U, and other health-food stores.

  4. If you are on Facebook, friend "Heal Your Life" (a project of Louise Hay and Wayne Dyer)
    and Nithya Shanti. Both send out daily tips on healing and mind-mastery.

  5. For a visual interpretation of the Yoga/Buddhist mind model, check out my diagram:

    Look for the large images on Flickr. Watch the slide show on Flickr, while you listen
    to the videos on Vimeo (because the resolution on the video is not so great).

    The KEY block for healing is the yellow oval in the lower right:

    self-noticing (mindfulness)
    best intention
    positive affirmation ("I'm getting well every day!")
    repentance ("I'm Sorry")

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