Saturday, August 22, 2009

Thanks to my teachers!

Dear STNYLightworkers and SEW Book Club:

I had a major challenge last night.
Found myself in a rough spot.
My heart is still pounding.

My unskillfulness was a root cause.
Ego, pride, arrogance, disrespect.

The bouncer dude was being really harsh w/me!
The first time over the fence was purely innocent.
No one told me about any wristbands!

I was just dancing to the band,
and having a good time!

Bouncer guy started hassling me,
treating me roughly.
Yes, that is apparently a judgment.

Apparently, one needed a wristband where I was,
and I didn't have one, nor my wallet, nor ID.
I left that in my car.
I had my guitar on my bike,
out taking pictures
when I discovered this band
playing outdoors Downtown.

One of the last great nights of summer!
Everyone was having a great time!
People must think I am a good dance.
I don't care what I look like.
But people make a big deal -- taking pix of me!
I don't care. I dance for me, not for anyone.
I should see some pictures someday!

My technical infraction was so very minor,
(I vaulted over the fence again.. I just wanted to dance!
Have fun! Take pix of the band!)

In retrospect: I should have sweet-talked bouncer dude.
I know I could have got past him legitimately.
But I was pissed off and triggered.

The reaction was very severe.
Cops, handcuffs, forced pain-holds, police cars, mental hospital.
What?!! It got out of control so fast.

After a way long time,
the cops couldn't find anything to charge me with.
Finally they decided §9.41 Mental Hygiene Law,
which apparently circumvents most rights.

Apparently it is proper that "police ... may take into custody any person
who appears to be mentally ill and is conducting himself in a manner
which is likely to result in serious harm to himself or others."

For Dancing? For jumping a 3' barricade?

It escalated fast. Cops had me in a pain-inducing hold
for a long time. I went limp, surrendered utterly.
I heard my yoga teacher say with a big grin on his face:

I asked for my Miranda rights, Matt Ryan, and Peter Orville.
I asked for probable cause. Oh? I'm not being arrested!??>
Oh yes? Then why am I here?

"What's your name, what's your address, what's you DOB and Soc?"
Why am I being interrogated without Miranda?

Never got any of that.
I cooperated, but stated I was answering under duress.
Wanted my attorney, I wanted to hear the §9.41 cause,
I kept asserting there was no just cause,
I did not consent to any medical procedures or exams,
and that this all was a big misunderstanding.

Several times, I had a room full of people
wearing rubber gloves bearing down on me.
It felt like the final torture scene in the Gilliam flick Brazil.
I kept calmly asserting my rights.
Asking for Miranda, my attorney, §9.41 cause.

Unskillful: I told them this was illegal
and that they all would be in TV,
unless they please let me know.
After all, I'm Bill Huston!
(Like I said, UNSKILLFUL)

So much ego. I'm not special.
But I deserve my rights under the law.
And I happened to know my rights.

But this is not what saved me!
Knowledge of the law did not
save me before!

I used every Sādhana technique I knew.
Empathy, Ho'oponopono (repentance, forgiveness, gratitude), 
asana, pranayama, metta (loving-kindness), karuna (compassion),
sympathetic joy, equanimity, noticing-practice, love, NVC,
the body scan, sati/sama-samadhi,  mindfulness, vipassana, patience,
Mongolian throat singing -- this had a huge affect on the entire room!
Very calming!

I was terrified. A very high-stress situation.
But something shifted tonight.
Beginning in myself, then in the world.

I am pleased to report: progress along my path,
some small sense of greater skill in my practice.

There was a Win/Win scenario developed.

There has been a major shift for me.
I have been in similar predicaments in the past.
Another place and time.
I was much more unskillful,
and my suffering was much much greater.

What happened tonight was a miracle!

A warm "Thank you"
to all my teachers!

This stuff works!
It works.

Hallelujah! Sat Nam.
Praise God. God is Great!
Baba Nam Kevalam.
Namaste, Namaskar.
Om mani padme hum.
Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung

Peace, Love, Gratitude to you

I am exhausted.
Good night/morning.

Bill Huston          
Binghamton NY
Phone: 607-321-7846


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