Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fwd: $10k Hobbit Home

I think you will enjoy this story of this really neat Hobbit home:

I have a friend who is wanting to buy
some cheap urban land
and put a tiny house on it.

Check these, which can be built for as low as $10k:

This is similar to what Benjamin Landry did
on Seminary Ave in Binghamton.

The idea is to rethink the traditional
"American Dream" we were all sold: a Huge House,
plus 30 Years of Indentured Servitude to the Bankers.

Imagine your house and land costing $20k total,
not ($150k + $300k interest =) $450k.

That's an order of magnitude savings, folks!
When engineers want to talk about "big" they speak in orders of magnitude.
Double (2x) is not big. 20x is big!

$20k you can pay it off in 5 years,
then just pay tax+insurance which is minuscule.

This makes your total "rent" (land use)
maybe a mere $50-$100/month,
means you don't need a corporate job!

You can spend 3 days per week
making crafts, wind turbines, clothes, or crops to trade,
then spend the rest of the time making music,
painting, studying philosophy, dancing, getting stoned, meditating,
... whatever... TINY HOBBIT HOUSE = FREEDOM!

PS: If anyone knows the moderators of the
BroomeCountyNYGreens or the BRSC listservs,
please tell them I would appreciate being able to
participate on those lists. Thank you.

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