Saturday, September 5, 2009


The perfection of this day
is unprecedented, unmatched.

I haven't had this much fun since CapZeyeZ, '94-95!

Damian Martin, who directed and switched the whole day
reminds me so much of Dave Prewett:
Totally pro, totally cool, totally together.
Funny snide remarks on comm :)

It's been 14 years since I shot bands

And a Harvest Moon, just to top it off!

West Fest 7, Day 1 is in the can.
We weren't set up until after Acoustic Expression.
Magnolia Drive, Rebel Fire, Deni Bonet
were all outstanding.
Dangerous Maybes totally had their groove on.
And then Monkeys!

My feet are sore.
I'm dirty and my skin is dry.
I'm exhausted, but I feel great!

Guys at Belknap Lumber totally
hooked us up with a custom-designed
camera pedestals and cable covers.
Eureka Tent hooked us up with camera canopies.
Unicorn Electronics had every cable we needed.
Audio Classics helped out with cables.

Using an audio board donated by
Jenny James--years ago.
Bob Davies supplied necessary
carpentry tools and support...

Preliminary rushes look great!
I think it looked good AND sounded good!

holy holy holy!
Today, O2E-TV is born!

God Bless Damian Martin
of Damian Martin Productions!!!!

God Bless all my teachers,
including my dear friend who is suffering.

My you and all beings be happy!

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