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Re: [stnylightworkers] The Unified Field has been found !!!!!!!!

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Wow, was it lost?


Einstein was troubled by the fact that there are
four fundamental forces
(weak nuclear, strong nuclear, electromagnetism, and gravity)
Why not one? he asked.

He was also troubled by the pantheon or zoo
of subatomic particles. Things should get simpler
as one goes down, not more complex!!

Einstein theorized a Grand Unified Theory which would

1: integrate General Relativity (physics of the very large)
 w/Quantum Mechanics  (physics of the very small)

2: unify the fundamental forces, and

3: simplify the nuclear model.

I think this Haramein guy has really accurately described
and integrated some fundamental truths from differing realms,
and added everything from modern physics/mathematics,
including a very interesting connection
between black holes and fractal geometries (eg, the Mandelbrot Set),
and added an unexpected "twist" (spin, torque, Coriolis force)
AND consciousness!!!

WOW!! My mind is reeling from this!

I hope just one person out there
can catch a glimpse of what this is about
and experience the joy I am feeling now!

This could be the "end of science"
as Vedanta is the end of knowledge,
meaning the ultimate scientific discovery.

I think this is very very big news!

And the funny thing is,
he has no Wikipedia page!
Apparently, according to their standards,
he is not a notable person!!!!


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