Monday, October 26, 2009

The Unified Field has been found !!!!!!!!

My God,

I hope you all watch this video:

Nassim Haramein has solved Einstein's puzzle
& included the missing link: consciousness.
Nassim Haramein has unified science and spirituality.
He's really done it!

Here it is in a nutshell:

"The black hole in me
is connected to the black 'whole' in you
in a twisted Mandelbrotian way.
All information is there
& folded out again in a 4D hypercubian torus."

How can the entire universe be contained in me?
How can the entire universe be contained in me AND you too?

But there is no contradiction!
Because it is a 4-D projection of a higher dimensional manifold!

If you are a computer geek and have ever played with
the Mandelbrot Set, it really resembles a black hole in
several ways.

The Mandelbrot Set has a finite area, but has an infinite boundary.

This boundary is similar to the Event Horizon of a Black Hole.
Some points are doomed to the "gravity" of the equation,
and are colored black. If the particle escapes, we color it
according to a scalar vector (call it escape velocity).

If you zoom into the boundary, you find little copies of the Set.

It appears that they are each separate,
each held in some sort of vacuum or ether
of the field of the escaping particles
but they are all connected!!

Ever read the Tao of Physics by Fritjof Capra?
He shows how the naked, starved rishi's of India 4,000 years ago
discovered fundamental aspects of the fabric of the universe
only "discovered" by Western materialistic science very recently,
with atom-smashers, super computers and scanning electron microscopes.

I always wondered... without electricity and instruments...
How did they do this?

Haramein's might have explained this
as well as Buddhist/Yogic INSIGHT!!

(The power of the inward-turning,
as demonstrated by 4,000 years of Indian Philosophy)

The answer to all our energy needs is here, solving world peace, etc.

Nassim Haramein should win the Nobel Prize for this!

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