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Every holy book in the world!

Found here:

    * The Poetic Edda, especially including the Hávamál
    * The Younger Edda


    * The Akilattirattu Ammanai
    * The Arul Nool

Bahá'í Faith

    * The Kitáb-i-Aqdas
    * Kitáb-i-Íqán
    * and many other writings including ones from other faiths


    * Bon Kangyur and Tengyur

Ancient style of scripture used for the Pali Canon

    * Theravada Buddhism
          o The Tipitaka aka Pali Canon
    * East Asian Mahayana
          o The Chinese Buddhist Tripitaka, including
                + Diamond Sutra
                + Pure Land Buddhism
                      # Infinite Life Sutra
                      # Amitabha Sutra
                      # Contemplation Sutra
                      # other Pure Land Sutras
                + Tiantai, Tendai, and Nichiren
                      # Lotus Sutra
                + Shingon
                      # Mahavairocana Sutra
                      # Vajrasekhara Sutra
    * Tibetan Buddhism
          o Tibetan Kangyur and Tengyur

Christian Bible, 1407 handwritten copy

    * The Books of the Bible
    * Some forms of Christianity:
          o The Apocrypha
    * Latter Day Saint denominations (see also Standard Works):
          o The Book of Mormon
          o The Pearl of Great Price
          o The Doctrine and Covenants
    * Cerdonianism and Marcionism
          o Gospel of Marcion
          o the Apostolicon (10 Letters of Paul)
    * Paulicianism
          o Gospel of Luke
          o Pauline epistles
    * Gnosticism
          o Nag Hammadi library


    * The Five Classics
    * The Four Books


    * The Principia Discordia
    * The Apocrypha Discordia


    * Rasa'il al-hikmah (Epistles of Wisdom)

Etruscan religion

    * Cippus Perusinus
    * Liber Linteus
    * Pyrgi Tablets
    * Tabula Cortonensis


    * Hermetica, Emerald Tablet and associated writings

The Bhagavad Gita is Lord Krishna's counsel to Arjuna on the battlefield of the Kurukshetra.

    * Śruti
          o Vedas
                + Rig Veda
                + Sama Veda
                + Yajur Veda
                + Atharva Veda
          o Brahmanas
          o Aranyakas
          o Upanishads
    * Smriti
          o Itihāsas
                + Mahābhārata (including the Bhagavad Gita)
                      # Bhagavad Gita
                + Ramayana
          o Puranas (List)
                + Bhagavata Purana
          o Tantras
          o Sutras (List)
          o Stotras
          o Ashtavakra Gita
          o Gherand Samhita
          o Gita Govinda
          o Hatha Yoga Pradipika
    * In Purva Mimamsa
          o Purva Mimamsa Sutras
    * In Vedanta (Uttar Mimamsa)
          o Brahma Sutras of Vyasa
    * In Yoga
          o Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
    * In Samkhya
          o Samkhya Sutras of Kapila
    * In Nyaya
          o Nyāya Sūtras of Gautama
    * In Vaisheshika
          o Vaisheshika Sutras of Kanada
    * In Vaishnavism
          o Vaikhanasa Samhitas
          o Pancaratra Samhitas
    * In Saktism
          o Sakta Tantras
    * In Kashmir Saivism
          o 64 Bhairavagamas
          o 28 Saiva Agamas
          o Shiva Sutras
    * In Pashupata Shaivism
          o Pashupata Sutras of Lakulish
          o Panchartha-bhashya of Kaundinya (a commentary on the Pashupata Sutras)
          o Ganakarika
          o Ratnatika of Bhasarvajna
    * In Saiva Siddhanta
          o 28 Saiva Agamas
          o Tirumurai (canon of 12 works)
          o Meykandar Shastras (canon of 14 works)
    * In Gaudiya Vaishnavism
          o Brahma Samhita
          o Jayadeva's Gita Govinda
          o Krishna-karnamrita
          o Chaitanya Bhagavata
          o Chaitanya Charitamrita
          o Prema-bhakti-candrika
          o Hari-bhakti-vilasa
    * In Kabir Panth
          o poems of Kabir
    * In Dadu Panth
          o poems of Dadu

11th Century North African Qur'an in the British Museum

    * Qur'an (Islamic Scripture, Al-Quran, 'the Recitation')
    * Hadith (sayings and actions of Muhammad)


    * Svetambara
          o 11 Angas
                + Secondary
                      # 12 Upangas, 4 Mula-sutras, 6 Cheda-sutras, 2 Culika-sutras, 10 Prakirnakas
    * Digambara
          o Karmaprabhrita, also called Satkhandagama
          o Kashayaprabhrita
    * Nonsectarian/Nonspecific
          o Jina Vijaya
          o Tattvartha Sutra
          o GandhaHasti Mahabhashya (authoratative and oldest commentary on the Tattvartha Sutra)

A Sefer Torah opened for liturgical use in a synagogue service

    * The Tanakh (Hebrew Bible)
          o Torah
          o Nevi'im
          o Ketuvim
    * The Talmud
          o Mishnah
          o Gemara


    * Siddhanta Shikhamani
    * Vachanas
    * Mantra Gopya
    * Shoonya Sampadane
    * 28 Shaivite Agamas
    * Karana Hasuge
    * Basava Purana


    * The Ginza Rba
    * Book of the Zodiac
    * Qolusta, Canonical Prayerbook
    * Book of John the Baptizer
    * Diwan Abatur, Purgatories
    * 1012 Questions
    * Coronation of Shislam Rba
    * Baptism of Hibil Ziwa


    * The Arzhang

Meher Baba

    * God Speaks


    * Indigenous and Aboriginal mythologies

New Age religions

Various New Age religions may regard any of the following texts as inspired:

    * A Course in Miracles
    * Conversations with God
    * Oahspe
    * The Bible
    * The Gnostic Gospels
    * The Urantia Book

Orphism (religion)

    * The Orphic Poems

Rastafari movement

    * The Bible
    * the Holy Piby
    * the Kebra Negast
    * The speeches and writings of Haile Selassie I
    * Royal Parchment Scroll of Black Supremacy


    * The Samaritan Pentateuch


    * The Satanic Bible


    * Dianetics (Scientology source)
    * List of Scientology texts


    * The Guru Granth Sahib
    * The Dasam Granth Sahib


    * The Kojiki
    * The Nihon Shoki or Nihongi


    * The Spirits Book
          o The Book of Mediums
          o The Gospel According to Spiritism
          o Heaven and Hell
          o The Genesis According to Spiritism


    * The Bible
    * The writings of Emanuel Swedenborg
    * Some also consider a number of posthumously published manuscripts of Swedenborg to also be sacred.


    * Daozang
          o The Tao Te Ching
          o The Zhuangzi


    * The Holy Books of Thelema especially Liber Al vel Legis

Unification Church

    * Divine Principle
    * Wolli Hesul (Explanation of the Divine Principle)
    * Wolli Kangron (Exposition of the Divine Principle)

Yasna 28.1 (Bodleian MS J2)

    * Primary religious texts, that is, the Avesta collection:
          o The Yasna, the primary liturgical collection, includes the Gathas.
          o The Visparad, a collection of supplements to the Yasna.
          o The Yashts, hymns in honor of the divinities.
          o The Vendidad, describes the various forms of evil spirits and ways to confound them.
          o shorter texts and prayers, the five Nyaishes ("worship, praise"), the Sirozeh and the Afringans (blessings).
    * There are some 60 secondary religious texts, none of which are considered scripture. The most important of these are:
          o The Denkard (middle Persian, 'Acts of Religion'),
          o The Bundahishn, (middle Persian, 'Primordial Creation')
          o The Mainog-i-Khirad, (middle Persian, 'Spirit of Wisdom')
          o The Arda Viraf Namak (middle Persian, 'The Book of Arda Viraf')
          o The Sad-dar (modern Persian, 'Hundred Doors', or 'Hundred Chapters')
          o The Rivayats (modern Persian, traditional treatises).
    * For general use by the laity:
          o The Zend (lit. commentaries), various commentaries on and translations of the Avesta.
          o The Khordeh Avesta, a collection of everyday prayers from the Avesta.

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