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Sadhana practice (was: Encouragement...awakening process..

Dear Vera,

Thanks for sharing that.

I too often ask the question,
"What should I be doing?"
The answer I have received is:
You should be doing Sadhana practice!

Well, what makes up Sadhana practice?
There are literally hundreds of Sadhana techniques.

I like making up big, complete lists.
You do not have to do all of these techniques.
Just pick one or two of these randomly.
If they doesn't work for you, try another.

I believe any of these paths can lead to
happiness, healing, heaven, salvation, nirvana, etc.

  • Four Yogas:
    • Intellectual Study (scriptures, sacred texts, spiritual lectures)
    • Meditation or Prayer (stillness, intention, gratitude, concentration)
    • Devotion, Praise, Ecstasy,
    • Service to others
  • Eight Limbs of Yoga
    • Code of conduct, duties to self and others
    • Postures
    • Breath Control,
    • Sense-Withdrawal,
    • Meditation: Concentration, Awareness of Being, Non-dual absorption.
  • Four Brahmaviharias
    • Sympathetic Joy
    • Loving-Kindness/Benevolence,
    • Compassion,
    • Non-discriminating calm mind. 
  • Ho'oponopono
    • Gratitude,
    • Repentance,
    • Forgiveness
  • Eightfold Path of Buddhism:
    • Wisdom (Right View and Intention)
    • Ethics (Right Speech, Action, and Livelihood
    • Mental Discipline (Effort, Mindfulness, and Concentration)
  • Four Foundations of Mindfulness practice (noticing practice)
    • Mindfulness of breath and body
    • Mindfulness of emotions and body sensations
    • Mindfulness of our own thoughts, energy, consciousness
    • Mindfulness of factors of enlightenment, mental hindrances, perceptions and sense-organs, the cause of and the cessation of suffering
  • Paramitas
    • generosity
    • virtuous conduct
    • renunciation
    • transcendental wisdom / insight
    • diligence, effort
    • patience, tolerance, acceptance, endurance, forbearance
    • truthfulness
    • determination
    • loving-kindness
    • serenity
  • Louise Hay
    • Self-love, Self-nurturing, Self-healing
    • Allowing practice
    • Replace the bad story with a better story
  • Non-Violent Communication
    • Connect with others with compassion, empathy, and presence
    • See and express feelings and needs without judgment or attachment
  • Abraham-Hicks and Wayne Dyer (creation technology)
    • Desire, which is aligned with Source
    • Allowing, Visualization
    • Gratitude
  • A Course in Miracles
    • Forgiveness
    • Waking up from the dream of separation
  • Mickey Method:
    • Sit in stillness, while you
    • Visualize all of your needs are met
    • Spend time in the ecstacy of this moment!
  • Emotional Freedom Technique
    • Viscerally stimulate your body w/tapping, while you
    • Allowing practice

Yes, this is from my experience,
as I have tried many/all of these
and I try to practice each day.


On Mon, Dec 14, 2009 at 9:27 PM, Vera Scroggins <> wrote:
just read this tonight;
like the part of going into the Unknown
and realizing that I am sleeping, dreaming a dream of being awake
and allowing for this "unknown" me to come forth
beyond the story, words, etc.., tone of voice, .....


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Subject: Encouragement...

A few people have mentioned that after having a major realisation they feel
almost paralyzed - no longer knowing what to say or do.
We had this many times in the meetings.

It is a very good sign.
It is showing that the realization has gone deeper than just an idea.

(A few still writing on IMLtalk are giving advice on how to be while
demonstrating by what they are writing that they have not got their own
advice. Once again, please do not share such theories. Only share your own
actual experiences.)

As we keep reminding, we are asleep, and not only are we asleep, we are
asleep to the fact that we are asleep. We are dreaming we are awake. (More
like nightmares for many.)
*If you are sure you are fully awake, then for sure, you are asleep.*

When we wake up to being asleep we start to hear and see ourselves more
clearly - and it is highly embarrassing. Shocking. 'How can we have been so
asleep to how stupid and asleep we have been!'

We can no longer stand hearing the stupid things we are saying. The tone of
voice we have been using is obviously 'not ours' - more like an immature
child. Our stupid irrelevant thoughts; our repeated story about ourselves;
complaints; judgements.

Hang in there. Don't go back! Stay in the unknown and 'a new you' will
emerge. (Then you will eventually have to let go of that one as well!)


A few emails have come through on IMLtalk thanking me for waking them up.
I have not woken you up - you let it happen. You read what was written, let
it in, heard the message you were giving to yourself, and allowed the change
to happen.

Paul is not/has not changed anyone.
Combined with his actual experience, he is allowing what comes to him to
share to flow through, unhindered - to help you see how asleep you are.

Happy awakening...

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