Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Update on Karl Weber -- some slightly better news

I am very sorry for this,
but the information I sent out about Karl Weber
was mostly bogus.

What is true: Karl is in ICU, on a respirator,
in a medically-induced coma (due to the respirator).

I have heard the ventilator will be removed soon,
so Karl is expected to be waking up soon.
He is expected to recover.
There is likely no brain damage,
and he was not attacked.

Apparently the bad information came from
a young man with a vivid imagination
who seeks validation from telling tall tales.

A request has come from Karl's mother
and a friend to set the record straight,
which I am trying to do here.

Karl is still considered in critical condition.
So he still needs our good thoughts and prayers
and his family, our support and compassion.

I'm sorry for sending out bad information,
but my intention was to let Karl's friends know
about a very serious medical emergency,
which I was led to believe (and is likely)
life threatening.

Again I am sorry for not fact-checking.
I will not be further commenting on,
nor speculating about what exactly happened,
nor why it happened.


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