Saturday, April 3, 2010

SEW Bookclub April selection / No meeting Easter Sunday!

The Binghamton Spirituality, Empowerment, and Wellness Book Club
will be meeting Sunday's in April at 1pm (except Easter) at
River Read Books to discuss the book Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman.

Watch for a related show on Time Warner channel 4
starting next Friday at 10pm and Saturday @ 6pm...

We will not be meeting on Easter Sunday.'s a short video I've done about the
Six Dimensions of Consciousness: 
More info is here:  

Beautiful framed editions of this chart are available at River Read Books for $15 (or from me on a donation basis). A DVD of the Six Dimensions video will be included free for anyone who purchases one from River Read Books.

Be Careful of Delusion!

Here is a question to ponder....  People often speak about "facts", but are they really "objective truths" or artifacts of perception and judgment?

Is there such a thing as a "sexy girl" (or guy)?
i.e., is sexy an intrinsic quality in the person,
or is it a judgment in the eye of the beholder?

To a young man, she is a potential girlfriend.
To a monk, she is a distraction.
To a mosquito, she is dinner!

What about a "green leaf"? Do those exist?
Or is "green" a label which has subjective meaning only to humans?
And what is "a leaf"? Every one is completely unique in the universe!
Naming two things both "leaves" is only a by-product of
how humans see and organize information.

Now, what about a "crazy person"?
This can be an expecially harmful label.
Does "crazy" really exist? What does it mean?
"Not normal"?  Normal is just stastics.

When we name things, in a very meaningful way,
we cause these things to come into existence.

Words have huge creative potential!

When we realize the incredible creative power of the Word,
we will learn to choose each word very carefully!

See you in 1 week, and join us on Facebook!

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