Friday, March 26, 2010

Science Says...

Science says:

All Truth is Objective
(as seen by God)
yet Science denies God.

Science claims to have provable truth,
yet denies the importance of the very consciousness
which is comprehending the proof!

Science says: Cogito Ego Sum
I think therefore I am.
"Thinking is Being. Thinking is Existence."
Yet, this seems to deny a vast array
of non-cognitive states, some being the
most exquisite human experiences!

Spirit, Soul, and "the inner I"
cannot be found by cutting brains apart.
This is the "hard problem" of brain science,
so consciousness is denied, overlooked, or trivialized.

Science mocks religion,
yet denies that science itself is based on
BELIEF in unprovable axioms.

Science wants to talk about what is real and true,
a fine and noble goal.

Yet, in the pursuit of truth,
Science begins by pronouncing
what is not true!
This is called "Logical Positivism".

Most subjective experience
seems like arbitrary preferences and rules,
e.g. Ethics and Aesthetics.
Therefore, these are not truth.

Science says, the Truth must be observable,
measurable, with discrete characteristics.

But what about love, happiness,
compassion, meaning, and purpose?

The truth must be differentiable,
reducible to atoms (smashed if necessary),
then integrable back together
like Humpty Dumpty.
What if the truth is fragile?

Science says,
Truth must be abstractable, modelable, generalizable,
and repeatable on demand.
But what about one-time events?

Truth must be free from paradox.
Who says?
Truth must be removable to the lab.
What about the truth of a special place?

Science says,
Truth must be expressible in a language of mathematics.
... and if all this is not bad enough ...
GET THIS!!!! Science says:
The truth must be falsifiable!
(Karl Popper's criterion)

To science,
Here-Now is the tiniest most insignificant spot
in all of Space/Time, so with science,
we risk missing the experience of living
in the present moment,
the only moment which really exists!

Scientific medicine creates experiments
to minimize the placebo effect, and murders
countless animals in the name of healing.
Is this sanity?

Science in the West works hand-in-hand
within an economy based on unrestrained growth.
Is it any wonder science can't find a cure to cancer?

With our worship of science,
Is it any wonder our culture acts a little nutty?
Mar 21-25 2010

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