Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Please Call WBNG, Press+Sun, and the FCC over WBNG's airing of Pro-Gas propaganda piece w/o sponsor identification

UPDATE: The program "Marcellus Shale Voices" features Julie Lewis and Bob Williams. Julie Lewis is listed as "Photographer, Vestal", and Bob Williams is listed as "Environmental Consultant, Binghamton".

What the show doesn't tell you is BOTH have a profit motive involving shale gas development!

Julie Lewis is vice-president of the Joint Landowners Coalition of NY
(source http://www.pressconnects.com/article/20100831/NEWS01/100831009/Lewis-announces-run-for-legislature )

... and Bob Williams works as a consultant for the gas industry!
If you read his website, you will see that his skills include expert testimony
for "electric and gas transmission line permitting, and pipeline eminent domain hearings".
You can sell us your land for a pipeline, and if you refuse, we'll take it anyway.


Will you pick up the phone today and call or email WBNG-TV?

Ask to speak with the General Manager &
ask Mr. Catlin to respond to Bill Huston's 2 queries:

1: Who was the sponsor of "Voices of Marcellus"? (required by FCC).
2: How much did they pay for airtime and prod. assistance?

This biased show in favor of gas drilling was promoted during the news,
as can be seen here: http://www.wbng.com/news/local/Statement-To-Be-Released-Soon-102900759.html
I learned of this show from someone who heard it during a news program.

Mr. Catlin has said that they would offer the same airtime and production assistance
to any group. I figure... WE can make a show representing our side!!!

So why won't he give me a price quote?

(607) 729-8812 or wbng@wbngtv.com


Also, please call the Press+Sun and ask them to investigate
why WBNG is going so far to break FCC rules in offering prime-time air time
to PRO-GAS groups (without identifying the sponsor), but so far has refused
to offer the same to anti-gas groups.

Press+Sun Newsroom:
(607) 798-1151
Ask for Metro Editor: Ed Christine (607) 798-1316


Please contact the FCC and complain about the violation
of not announcing the sponsor.

Email your complaint in your own words to:

or call 1-888-CALL-FCC (1-888-225-5322) during business hours.

Complain to the FCC online:


Here is how to fill out the form:

Fill in your contact info at the top, then fill in the blanks below:

1: Granite Broadcasting / WBNG

2: a) WBNG
b) 12 (second box)

3: --------skip-----------

4 a) : --------skip-----------
b) "Marcellus Shale Voices"
c) 9 14 2010
d) 7 00 pm

5: a) : --------skip-----------
b) : --------skip-----------
c) see suggested script below:

Suggested comments to FCC:

Note the 1000 character limit for the online form...

I am appalled by "Marcellus Shale Voices"
which aired tonight on WBNG 9/14/2010.
It was one-sided, and contained misleading and false information.

This was clearly funded by the gas industry,
however the sponsor was not identified in violation
of 47 CFR § 73.1212.

Furthermore, it was disguised as a public affairs show.
Viewers will recognize that it was shot at the WBNG studios
and has the look of a news segment.

Under the 1934 Comm. Act,
Granite Broadcasting has an obligation to serve the public interest.
This program failed to do so.

Shale Gas extraction poses great threats to the water supply
of millions of people in New York, as well as causing harms to
our air, roads, and causing many other quality of life issues,
such as noise and light pollution.

WBNG owes it to this community to give equal airtime to
all of the facts on this critically important issue.

I am urging the FCC to investigate this incident,
and if necessary, issue sanctions to WBNG and Granite Broadcasting.

William Huston WilliamAHuston@gmail.com
Binghamton NY Phone: 607-321-7846

SocialNet: http://facebook.com/billhuston
Videos: http://youtube.com/billhuston http://vimeo.com/billhuston
Bio/blog: http://binghamtonpmc.org/bio.html http://WilliamAHuston.blogspot.com
Binghamton-area discussion; spirituality topics: http://tinyurl.com/STNYlightworkers
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