Tuesday, September 7, 2010

(please sign) Broome County Government: Cease and Desist

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Broome County Government:
Cease and Desist

Target: Broome County Executive, Legislature
Sponsored by:
William Huston

Broome County Government, you are hereby ordered to CEASE AND DESIST all activity around gaining revenue from Shale Gas extraction on the COLLECTIVELY OWNED, COMMON LANDS of Broome County NY, until such a time as you can demonstrate the following:

1) that you have Constitutional authority to do such,
2) that there is a public mandate for this activity,
3) that this activity provides public benefit,
4) that this activity is proven safe, and
5) that there will be no quality of life impacts.

William Huston,
and the undersigned.

NOTE: Please only sign this petition if you live or work in Broome County NY, or live in an adjacent county, or have some other interest in our maintaining the pristine beauty of this place, or if you stand in solidarity with us as we assert local sovereignty.

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