Saturday, September 18, 2010

Re: FCC complaint 10-C00246669

TO: Greg Catlin, GM WBNG-TV
CC: William T. Lake, FCC Media Bureau Chief
Re: FCC complaint 10-C00246669

Hi Greg,

Thanks again for the reply.
I would appreciate an answer to these two questions:

1: Who was the producer and sponsoring organization of
"Marcellus Shale Voices
(i.e., who paid the airtime?)

Disclosure of this is required by FCC rules,
according to my reading of 47 CFR § 73.1212(a)(1-2)

2: How much did WBNG/Granite charge for the airtime and production assistance?

You say in your reply to me that you offer the same to others.
I would like you to extend to me the same offer
to bring the message of some groups I belong to
to the public airwaves which the owners of WBNG steward.

I cannot produce and air such a show,
unless you tell me what they paid.

Thanks, and best regards,

Greg Catlin <> wrote:



To be clear, our news organization Action News did not air last night's show "Marcellus Shale Voices".

Action News has provided, and will continue to provide, exceptional coverage on both sides of the natural gas drilling issue.

The ½ hour program aired on WBNG-TV and our station does not have a position, pro or anti-drilling.

We offer the same opportunity to others if they want to purchase commercial air time.

Remember, politicians buy commercial time on TV to get their message out, and their opponents don't blame the TV station for the message.


Thank you.


Greg Catlin

General Manager
WBNG-TV/Binghamton CW 
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