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WGBH documentary: Truth About Cancer

From: Bill Huston <>
Date: Wed, May 21, 2008 at 9:43 AM
Subject: WGBH documentary: Truth About Cancer

I am very disappointed by the documentary "The Truth About Cancer"
which recently aired on my local PBS station WSKG-TV.

The title suggests something new will be presented, some
insightful investigative reporting...

But this suggestion is betrayed by the same recycled
misinformation about cancer we get through the
corporate media.

For example:

1: The film never answers the question the producer claims to have
started with, i.e., "With all this modern medicine, why do we still get cancer?"

Perhaps the filmmaker never discovered it, but I believe
the answer is known, and was supplied by Fritjof Capra in
his book, Turning Point, that there is a fundamental
flaw to the Western capitalistic/dualistic/materialistic approach
to healing
.  See below for more on this.

2: 90% of the time is spent with "experts", Harvard medical school doctors, etc.
who obviously don't have any answers. In fact, throughout the documentary,
they keep saying "screening is not effective", "these cancers are chemo resistant"
etc etc. i.e., "we don't know how to solve this". 
Also, what about the risks of chemo/radiatio/surgery?
People COMMONLY get sick and die from CANCER TREATMENT!
Why not provide a critique of western approach to dealing w/cancer?

3: NO discussion of causes! The section "The question of prevention" holds promise.
But spends LESS THAN 2 MIN!! on this question. A mention that "air and water"
cause cancer (what? who ever said that?), but then say studies about cancer clusters
don't prove anything. Air and water??? WTF? It's not the air and water itself,
it's what's IN the air and water!
(e.g. Flouride and Chlorine). And what
about environmental toxins like  organochlorines??
Why no mention of this?

Could it be that Susan G. Komen's corporate funders manufacture, sell, and use,
and dump into our environment tons of these cancer-causing chemicals? And they
don't want us to know about this?

4: No real discussion of diet/nutrition/lifestyle changes
 (vegan, avoiding meat/dairy, growth hormones, B17, yoga, raw foods, etc.)
as alternatives to chemo, radiation, surgery.
Here are a few helpful links

Once it is realized that most cancers are from environmental and dietary factors,
the disinformation campaign by the ACS and the Komen Foundation becomes clear.
Just have a look at the corporate funders:

The link between media disinformation about cancer,
the role of Public Relations firms, and their funding sources

(which tend to be the industries manufacturing unsafe products
or producing cancer-causing toxic wastes as by products)
was documented in the Jim Hightower book, "There's nothing
in the Middle of the Road..

As Capra states in his book, the Western dualistic/materialistic
approach to healing is fundamentally flawed. This is why, despite
all the science, people in the West are no more healthy than people
in the third world. We have just replaced their diseases
(nutritional and infectious diseases) with a different set
(diabetes, heart disease, cancer).

This is exacerbated by our capitalist economic system, where
more profits are generated from a population of sick people

than with healthy people. It is a natural side effect of
such a system to adjust itself to maximize profits,
i.e., more cancer, more dumping chemicals, more sick people,
more misinformation...

In fact capitalism operates with the same principle
(unrestrained growth) as cancer. (see, the famous Edward Abbey quote)

When our media, medicine, manufacturing, banking, and politics
are all governed by the same principles of profit-uber-alles,
it's no wonder why alternative information has trouble
getting out.

PBS is supposed to be the alternative! What's going on here?

Can you please produce a followup documentary to this one
with a bit more "Truth" in it.

Bill Huston
Binghamton NY

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