Friday, October 1, 2010

What's with all these propane trucks in Horseheads???

One of our astute citizen reporters has filed this report...

Wed Sept 29:

I observed 30-40 propane (LP) trucks in an abandon private parking lot behind the old Westinghouse plant near 86 Lumber in Horseheads New York today at 6:00 PM.
It seemed very odd and I have never seen so many in one place in my life.
It reminded me of the hydrofracking water truck convoys I have seen assembling for fracking a gas well.
I stopped and asked what they were doing and got a mix of answers from the drivers.
They said they were coming from Watkins Glen and some said they were going to Watkins Glen.
Another said they were going to Williamsport, PA and another said New York City.
When I approached one of the leaders of the convoy he seemed nervous and said to the guy next to him that he should handle my question.
The man was clearly nervous and hesitant to answer when I pressed him for specifics and he said the propane was used for heating and that all the trucks were staging in this parking lot and heading to Watkins Glen.
I am wondering if this was a convoy of propane headed for an experimental fracking of a well .
Given the recent water poisonings in PA with hydrofracking I might have stumbled on a propane convoy headed to a well.
I have no idea why 30-40 tractor trailer trucks of LP propane would be gathering in an abandon parking lot in Horseheads ,New York.
More trucks were flowing in when I was there and they were from all over the north east USA.
Just want to share this odd observation and see what anyone knows about this.
I took pictures.
I returned at 8:00 PM and there were 40 or 50 LP trucks all with drivers assembling for something in the same location just off I-86 behind the old Westinghouse building.

Thu Sept 30:


There were 30-40 different propane trucks again today in the abandon parking lot at the end of the dead end road that is in front of 86 lumber company lined up convoy style .

It is a parking lot just south and west of the junction of rt.14 and I-86 .You can see them when you go around the traffic circle going off I -86 and heading to Elmira Heights.

This is way too many propane trucks to just be normal activity.

I know that liquid propane is used in some fracking operations as an experimental process.

...If you are in the area check it out. keep your eyes peeled,

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