Monday, December 20, 2010

A desert is a watershed which has been drained of water.

Forest Watershed
(animals, plants, water)

  • A Forest Watershed has plants, animals, and water, which live in a semi-closed, mutually interdependent ecosystem.

(few animals or plants, little water)

  • A desert is a watershed which has been drained of water.

  • In a desert there are few trees which pump deep water into the atmosphere to create rainclouds.

  • There are no trees because they have been cut, or the land is toxic
    (as with the addition of salt or other poisons)

  • Watersheds do not easily communicate between each other.
    (Or else a desert would get rain from other watersheds)

Hydrofracking pushes us towards desertification in these ways:
  1. trees cut for roads, pipelines, well pads
  2. drainage of water
  3. addition of salt and other poisons
I believe the largest danger of hydrofracking
is the desertification of forest land,
and this could bring about a massive loss of
human, plant, bird, and animal life.

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