Tuesday, March 22, 2011

SEW book selection: Illusions by Richard Bach now in stock at River Read Books!

Spirituality, Empowerment, and Wellnes Bookclub:
Mid March '11 selection: Illusions, by Richard Bach


http://photo.goodreads.com/books/1168049671l/29946.jpgSEW Bookclub: Mid March '11 selection: Illusions, by Richard Bach

This is a metaphysical classic and should be fun to read.
Now in stock at  River Read Books!
We meet Sundays at 1pm -- 5 Court St, along the riverwalk in Downtown Binghamton

Publishers description:

``In the cloud-washed airspace between the cornfields of Illinois and blue infinity, a man puts his faith in the propeller of his biplane. For disillusioned writer and itinerant barnstormer Richard Bach, belief is as real as a full tank of gas and sparks firing in the cylinders...until he meets Donald Shimoda--former mechanic and self-described messiah who can make wrenches fly and Richard's imagination soar....In Illusions, the unforgettable follow-up to his phenomenal bestseller Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Richard Bach takes to the air to discover the ageless truths that give our souls wings: that people don't need airplanes to soar...that even the darkest clouds have meaning once we lift ourselves above them... and that messiahs can be found in the unlikeliest places--like hay fields, one-traffic-light midwestern towns, and most of all, deep within ourselves.``

We meet 1pm on Sundays at River Read Books,
5 Court St. in Downtown Binghamton.
We begin with 10 min of guided meditation (great for beginners).


Please come if you are interested, even if you haven't read the book!
Contact: WilliamAHuston@gmail.com 607-321-7846

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