Monday, March 14, 2011

Victoria Switzer to speak at NYRAD meeting TODAY! Monday Mar 14 7pm Binghamton

Dimock Resident and Water Contamination Survivor Victoria Switzer to speak at NYRAD meeting on Monday

When: Monday, March 14th, 7pm

Where: Unitarian Universalist Church , 183 Riverside Drive , Binghamton , NY

“I am Victoria Switzer, a resident of the Dimock Gasfield. I live on 7 acres of wooded property in the middle of over 100 gas wells and counting. I am a retired Social Studies teacher of 32 years. My husband Jimmy still teaches Autotech at the Tunkhannock High School . We bought land in 2003 in Susquehanna County to build our home - to start our story. We have 3 grown daughters who have started their families. In 2006 the landman cometh and everything changed. I have been very public in my criticism of the gas industry - from the obtaining of land and leases to the contamination of the water in Dimock. Our story will be yours, our tragedy shared by many, many more, unless this is reigned in. We are not optimistic in PA but realize New York has a fighting chance. The photo I sent is the gas company's response to our water contamination - they drilled in front of my home - within feet of our front door and porch - they claim we contaminated our own water. We are 710 feet from the nearest gas well and less than 1500 from two others.”

Ms. Switzer has had her water tested by independent labs for several years. In 2008 she had good water. In April 2010, 4 deadly chemicals were found in her water which only could have gotten there through methane migration of chemicals used in the drilling process. This is a hugely significant discovery and very damning against the gas industry.
Whether you are in favor of drilling, just learning about drilling, or have already learned of many of the hazards that are facing people who already have been on the frontlines of the drilling, it is a MUST that you hear what Victoria Switzer has undergone and learned. THIS IS NOT FOR LANDOWNERS ONLY. HER STORY APPLIES TO ALL COMMUNITIES THAT WILL HAVE DRILLING IN THEIR AREA.

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