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BH's first comment to the DEC on the SGEIS

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Here are my first comment to the DEC on the SGEIS.
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Dear Commissioner of the DEC Martens:

I have two requests in this comment:

1: A plea for more time.

This is a very technical document!
It is only now just fully released. (Sept 7)

Starting the comment period now
is unrealistic and unfair,
because no one has had time to review
the entire document.
Not even clever people.

Also, because it is highly technical,
we need academics and engineers and scientists,
to read and digest this highly technical information.
That is the first part, and this takes time.

Then we need journalists, teachers, and artists in the community
to translate it into the common language of the public.
This is the second part.
This also takes time.
This is how the public becomes informed.
This is called learning.
This is the third part, and it also takes time.

This is process is necessary for a functioning democracy.

By a recent Quinnipiac poll,
42% of registered NY voters are clueless about fracking.

This means it is likely
that 50% or more of all NYers
have no idea what is coming,
yet we all will be affected by this.

This is not the proper political climate in which Albany to be fast-tracking such a potentially toxic incursion upon a basically ignorant population.

Commissioner Martens of the DEC:

Take a Time Out.

This is not the irrational hysteria of extremists.

This is coming from common ordinary citizens
who are beginning to get an idea of the magnitude
of this assault, and what it could mean for our future.

Enough scientific evidence has been presented to show that
without exaggeration:

This could be a doomsday scenerio.
Hydrofracking NY could cause mass extinction of life.

We are talking about removing
300 Billion gal of fresh water
from they hydrological cycle -- forever.
Potentially Tens of Trillions of Gallons worldwide.

This process also gurarntees to cut millions of acres of trees,
for well pads, access roads, and pipeline rights of way.
The irreparable damge to ecosystems due to tree loss
has not been adequately addressed in the SGEIS.

Some will be replanted, but half or more will be lost forever.

Forests have trees and water.
Deserts lack trees and water.
Hyrdofracking destroys both trees and water.

Deserts can also be caused by adding salt to the environment.
Fracking does this to, by introducing brine which is nominally
8x more saline than sea water.

Injected toxins come back with the addition of heavy metals,
VOCs, and NORMs. These toxins kill plant life and push
NY forests closer to a desert, or other catastrophic climate change.

The amounts of these waste fluids is so enormous, hundreds of billions of gallons
just for NY, it is impossible to prevent these from re-entering the environment.

Recently it was revealed by research by Walter Hang that these briny waste-fluids
from PA have already been entering the NY ecosystem by spreading these extremely
toxic substances on roads for dust control

This is equivalent to illegal dumping, although apparently this is a "legal secondary use".

When one considers the amount of waste fluids produced,
this is completely understandable. There is no way to dispose or
store these fluids. There is no way to scrub the water.
These toxins simply MUST be introduced into our environment,
making the environment toxic.

If a doomsday scenario has only
a 0.0001 % chance this is true,
then it is cause to put the brakes on
in a major way.

They would NEVER launch the space shuttle
or even erect a bridge with such odds of catastrophe

Destroying forests and water at such vast proportions:
This has never been done before in human history.
This means there is no empirical data.
There is NO scientist on the planet who can predict what could happen.

The Precautionary Principle demands

Please declare a DEC moratorium:

Here is what I would like to see:


"(Albany) The DEC declares that it will not proceed
with this extremely dangerous activity called Hydrofracking
until the Sovereign Citizens in the Democratic Republic of NY
can have more time to look at this and show that it can be done safely
and in the public interest.

We will grant 180 days comment period on the Sept 2011 SGEIS,
during which time we will hold hearings all over the state,
so that all citizens can learn about and participate in this process."

2: A Plea for Transparency

Please make this process transparent, so that the Citizens of the State of NY
can view the submissions as they are coming in.
This is common with other regulatory agencies like the FCC,
which allows people to view comments on the web as they come in.

Thank You.
Bill Huston, Citizen

Video Producer at
Member: New York Residents Against Drilling
Editor: SGEIS Flaws Wiki:

Phone: 607-321-7846
Address: PO Box 2873, Binghamton NY 13902

William Huston
Binghamton NY Phone: 607-321-7846

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