Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Ego I call "Me" Prefers Appreciation.

A few days ago, I woke up to a couple
of lovely women lavishing me with praises
for my work.

Wow. Cool.

There are times in my life
when the praise of women
was about the highest thing
one could achieve.

That same morning, another woman called me
an arrogant asshole and cursed me to hell.

Ouch. Yes, in seeking the praise of
women, I have also suffered
insufferable anguish
at the core of my soul.

After that roller coaster,
I meditated for a while.

Then, I wrote this:


The ego which I call "me"
has a preference for appreciation
and an aversion to insults.

The God-consciousness in me realizes
that both praise and blame
are part of the same game.

One cultivates God-consciousness
by allowing neither praise nor blame
to inform our action.

Our action should always be the same.

Out of the awareness
that all beings are ONE,
then compassion and care for all beings
becomes the only attitude.

If all beings are One,
who would we go to war with?

With this knowledge,
Then we learn to do our work,
no matter what
and without attachment to outcomes.

This is ancient wisdom.

May all beings experience happiness
and freedom from suffering!

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