Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A few highlights of the Watkins Glen DEC forum / Inergy Midstream LPG storage facility expansion

Wow oh wow!
I was so freakin' jazzed
to be a part of that event!

I'm so grateful the audio and video came out so well.
This was my first HD project on my new camera and computer.

Here are some of the highlights of the night for me:
  • Interview with Beth Miller from Bath NY:

    I love Beth's energy, her smarts, and her compassion and concern.
    She has a very natural way to communicate.
    I love the way she uses her hands and body and voice.
    She seemed to have in intuition about the boundaries
    of the frame.

  • David Allen Crea getting razzed:

    "We don't care about the tubing!!", someone shouts.

    "I am not a company shill" -- reminds me of the famous Nixon line "I am not a crook".

    My favorite part is when he starts talking about respirators and rubber gloves.
    He really loses the crowd.

    "Sit down!", someone else shouts.

  • Jeremy Alderson of the No Frack Almanac
    (esp. with the shot of the Inergy CEO at the end)

  • Joanne Cipolla-Dennis asserts the fundamental principles of democracy.

    This is one of the greatest speeches I've ever heard.

    "NO means NO means NO! GET OUT."

There were 15 great speeches as good as these!
It would be really great if someone could index the best clips like this.

We need to get this whole thing on WSKG.

I am so happy I came to that hearing.
I loved the energy of the room.
It energized my soul.
I am so happy to have been able to be there and record it.

I am so grateful I have the equipment
and the know-how and the opportunity to give this service.

I am very grateful to the Park Foundation, CEDC,
and Sara Hess for helping ShaleShockMedia.
Cris McConkey for creating ShaleShockMedia.
And to Yvonne Taylor and Joseph Campbell
of Gas Free Seneca, and all the great speakers.

We have lots of new material going up soon.
Please keep checking http://www.ShaleShockMedia.org
and also our Youtube channel


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