Friday, October 28, 2011

Expect a Miracle!

BH writes this editor's notes....

ALL: This is the power of positive thinking and compassion!

I wrote this on Oct 28 2011 to various lists including NYRAD.
in response to some frustrated, fearful, fractivists,
who could do nothing more than call out the DEC
for an illegitmate process, a fraud and a sham,
and boycott the proceedings.

I said:
"We should expect a miracle"
On November 17th, we received one.

Speaker after speaker

Renee Voglesang, Julia Walsh,
Gerri Wiley, Ben and Elaine Perkus, Rema Loeb,
Michael Dineen and Jan Quarles

...and so many more gave powerful testimony!

I said,
on Nov 17th, the Voice of the People
will resonate in the Forum
and will rattle the chandeliers
in Governor's mansion in Albany!

And then came John Parker, from Endicott:

Tonight: Nov 23, 2011,
we received another miracle:

WSKG made 4+ hours of this hearing
available to perhaps 500,000 to 1 million people.

This will have a huge effect.

Tonight, I ask you to say prayers of gratitude,
as I Will.

Here is what I sent to NYRAD on Oct 28:

Please be mindful of what you give voice to.

As far as "joining the Ithaca boycott of the Binghamton hearings"...

Thankfully, Ithaca is not of a single mind on this or any issue.
I know there are PLENTY of Ithaca people
who are quite engaged in this process!

YOU can have your doubts.
YOU can THINK this process is a fraud,

but realize there is inherent in this
a prediction of personal failure.

Why not assume that our efforts will be successful?

Nobody knows the future.
So all predictions are guesses.
Guesses are not factual.

We all can affect which future comes to be.
We control the direction the future takes
by learning to control our minds.

"The DEC hearings will be a fraud, useless".
C'mon. Why go there?
What use is there to putting that out for people to hear?

Why share your fear of failure to this list?
Witness your fear, in private. Don't broadcast it.

Fear can spread like a flame with a little wind.

Instead, why not use your voice as a wind
to inflate our sails of HOPE
which will transport us to
the sustainable, beautiful world we all desire!

I also know there are buses being chartered
as we speak to come in from all over
to attend the Binghamton hearings.

This is going to be HUGE!
It's going to be a big wonderful party!

Come to think about it...
Maybe if you have doubts and fears
you SHOULD stay home!

Don't bring your POOP
to throw on OUR PARADE!

There are plenty of people who know
these hearings will be a resounding success,
and place for us all to go and get educated!

(We are all fairly well-informed,
yet none of us knows everything that's happening.

So worst cast: even allowing for bad intentions from the DEC,
these hearings will have great learning value for many people!

Why not cultivate a vision instead that
on Nov 17th, the Voice of the People
will resonate in the Forum
and will rattle the chandeliers
in Governor's mansion in Albany!

Jim, Annie, and others with doubts, fears, anger...

Let me give you a gift.
This is a precious gift for you:

If you use this gift wisely,
all of your wishes will come true!

Ready? Here it is:

OK, got that?

So only wish for the things
that you REALLY WANT

Don't put energy
into asking for
(or giving voice to)
that which you DON'T WANT!

Why would you do that?
It's so simple!

This is Ancient Wisdom.

Yes there are staunch materialists in our group
who are calling "BULLSHIT!" right now,
but try it out and see for yourself.

It so happens the staunch materialists in our group
are also usually the most miserable,
angry, judgmental, almost violent.

  • Judgments arise from the delusion of separateness.
    The truth is, all things are ONE.

    Separation is part of the dream.

  • Separation produces both
    exploiters (who have all the power)
    and victims (who have no power).

  • Exploiters are motivated by Greed

  • Victims are motivated by Fear, Sadness, and Anger
    which arise from the delusion of powerlessness.

  • Violence arises from from Anger.
Do you remember this scene from the end of Ghostbusters?

Life is really like that.

To be an effective activist
you must learn to control your mind.

So when you have fears and doubts,
"The DEC hearings will be a fraud, and of no use"

... realize,
"These are MY DOUBTs.
These are MY THOUGHTs,
My Judgments,

Because you could just as easily CHOOSE a different
thought to cultivate:

The DEC WILL hear us!
The Govorneror WILL hear us!
There might be a MIRACLE which could happen in Binghamton!

Yogah chita vritti nirodha

This is Sanskrit for:
"Yoga is the mastery of mental fluctuations"

Please master your mind, Activists.
Do not spread your fear and doubt here.


that when you align with the forces of LIFE
that we gain access to DIVINE POWER.

Peace+Compassion+Gratitude to you all,

William Huston
Binghamton NY Phone: 607-321-7846

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