Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Prayer for Cuomo

A letter to, and a prayer for,
Governor Andrew Cuomo

Dear Governor,

I am mediating on the fact that
you and I both drink water
and breathe air.

I am meditating on our shared needs and values
and the shared values and needs
of all living things.

I am a bit troubled, as I have heard you believe, 
that by auctioning off this beautiful state,
to be destroyed by industrial energy extraction,
this will purchase you a ticket to the White House.

This plan has a little flaw :)

are going to raise a blocking vote
on that action.

What we do to the Earth,
we do to ourselves.
There is wisdom in knowing this.

So, please, kind sir,

Open your eyes + heart, now
Go into nature.

Go rent a cabin
in the Finger Lakes or the Catskills.


LISTEN to the birds, the coyotes, the wind
WATCH the trees, the hills, the fish, the clouds
BATHE NAKED in the cold water
EMBRACE the earth, trees, and rocks
FILL YOUR LUNGS with the pure air.

These things are precious to the people here.

They represent the body
of our Mother Earth
which brought forth our life
in these bodies,
continues to nurture us
and provides for our life.

There is a message
being held for you
in the forests of New York.

You must be still in order to hear it.

With each tree which is destroyed
the message becomes damaged,
corrupted, or lost.

So may you please go there soon,
and may you receive the wisdom of the forest

Please, dear Brother, dear friend,
please align yourself
w/the forces of truth, life, & love
at this time.
Listen to the Wisdom of the Elders.
Messages are being sent to you daily.
May you receive them well.

May you, and all persons
be so moved to join with me
and begin a practice of 
contentment, compassion & gratitude.

May you be so moved, quickly
for the benefit of all beings.

William Huston  
Binghamton NY             Phone: 607-321-7846

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