Wednesday, October 19, 2011

NY Bans summary and maps / WSKG Call to Action

If you want to get jazzed about our work, check this out...

Great job by Karen Edelstein keeping up with the local-bans activity,
and of course the Slottjes for all their hard work in this area...

If you click the link, notice each graphic has multiple versions dating back to the beginning of August.
It's fun to bring up each image in a different browser tab, the bounce between
them to see how it's changing.

Notice on the second image how Karen has needed to resort to using a smaller font
to squeeze in all the towns in the "Movements for a Ban" column!

One last image... here is the WSKG Broadcast Area map, superimposed on the
Karen's NY Local Bans map:

If you are so moved, please call the
WSKG Comment Line: (607) 729-0100
and mention any of these facts:

  • WSKG broadcasts to the heart of the Marcellus Shale
    in NY/PA but is not doing enough
    to inform their listeners about what is happening, e.g.,
    • NY Local Bans
    • Upcoming DEC hearings
    • The Watkins Glen / Gas Free Seneca LPG storage hearings

  • Please ask WSKG to air some of the excellent material produced by
    . This is broadcast-quality HD programs of an urgent
    nature affecting ALL of their broadcast area.

  • Be sure to mention a) I am a member, or b) I would become a member
    if they played this kind of relevant, locally-produced, and urgently important
    public affairs programming.

William Huston  
Binghamton NY             Phone: 607-321-7846

Binghamton-area discussion; spirituality topics:
Binghamton Public Access TV is Open-To-Everyone!

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