Monday, April 4, 2016

Was Bill Cosby "taken out" by Kinder Morgan?

POST-TRIAL UPDATE! Camille Cosby has accused the DA of misconduct, and the lead witness has perjured herself: "Cosby’s defense team  introduced the testimony of a witness who confirmed that the district attorney’s witness admitted that she had not been sexually assaulted, but that she could say she was and get money … which is exactly what she did." [LINK] --BH

I have no idea about any of the Cosby sexual assault allegations. Maybe the victims are real. I don't know. I am only noticing a very strange coincidence in the timing. I have seen the gas industry use a (false) charge of sexual depravity to take out another activist.

Please Refer to this Graphic from Google Trends as we discuss the timeline below:

Here is the timeline:

  • Other outlets soon follow:

  • ... passage of time ...

    Lots of people fighting the Kinder-Morgan NED. Several Facebook groups, and email lists. People are training for NVDA.

    And then today, this caught my eye:

    Do you think after all this family has been through they have harassed them into consent?

    Hell No!
    Give them hell, Bill!

    I'm with you.

    Fuckoff, Kinder Morgan. 

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