Monday, October 31, 2011

Shaleshock Media Latest videos --- (LOTS of new stuff folks!)

Wow, looks like the elves at SSM have been working overtime
in last week or so to bring you the latest in videos about the
Gas Drilling Invasion of NY!

We have a TON of new material at Shaleshock Media!!!

We are uploading so much stuff, that not everything is on the carousel at SSM yet!
We're working on it!!! Here are a couple of links to help you
browse our latest material
until then:

NY Assembly SGEIS Hearing: 6 Oct 2011
Ithaca SGEIS Forum #2 -- Get the latest on the NY DEC process!
Martha Robertson, Edward Marx, Jannette Barth, Barbara Lifton, Chip Northrup

Note: If you emailed me wanting disc's of the first session, don't worry,
I haven't forgotten you. I will try to get these out this week.

Also, Cris has mastered a 2-DVD set of BOTH Ithaca forums.
Please email me ( ) or Cris ( )
if you want a copy of the 2-DVD ITHACA SGEIS set and indicate how many you want.

From the archives:
John Hanger in Dimock 30 Sept 2010
(announces the ill-fated pipeline)

Fracking, Floods, Home Rule:
NY Sen. Tom Libous, Town Hall meeting, Owego, Oct 19, 2011
Dryden Candidates Forum:

Epic No Frack Event: Ithaca College, June 25 2011:

More info is here:

Also, please attend one of these important public hearings:

  • November 3 - DEC Public Hearing on LPG storage expansion / Inergy Inc.
  • November 10 – DEC Public Hearing on the dSGEIS - 7pm Oneonta, NY (unofficial)
  • November 16 – DEC Public Hearing on the dSGEIS - Dansville, NY
  • November 17 – DEC Public Hearing on the dSGEIS - Binghamton, NY
  • November 21 – DRBC Hearing - Trenton, NJ
  • November 29 - DEC Public Hearing on the dSGEIS – Loch Sheldrake, NY
  • November 30 – DEC Public Hearing on the dSGEIS – New York City
  • December 1 -- DEC Public Hearing on the dSGEIS -- Ithaca (unofficial)

  • More events and de:

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Keep up the great work, everyone!!!
BH for Shaleshock Media

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