Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Please FLOOD WSKG with calls/emails re: SGEIS -- URGENT URGENT

WSKG "Public" Broadcasting and the Marcellus Shale

Here are some facts about WSKG:
  • WSQX-FM plays 16 hours of jazz per day.
  • WSKG-FM plays 12 hours of classical music per day.

  • Out of 48 hours of radio broadcast time per day,
    less than 2 hours might be considered regionally produced news or public affairs.

  • Most of the programming on all WSKG program streams is distantly produced,
    and pulled off a satellite.

  • I cannot find ONE regular show on either station which is locally produced. 0 hours per week. "Off the Page" and "Community Conversation" do not appear to be weekly shows, and amount to at best less than 2 hours per month, less than 1/10th of 1% of their overall broadcast hours.

  • Up until now, WSKG, under CEO Brian Sickora (a very nice guy, I'll admit)
    continues the policies of the former CEO of excluding community producers from the airwaves(*).

    [* Correction added Nov 6 2011:
    This is not entirely correct. Tish Perlman is an independent radio producer from Ithaca with a show on called "Out of Bounds". It is certainly true that she is a very special case, as otherwise all WSKG broadcast streams would be devoid of local, independent content.

    There is no known way to get independent local content on the public airwaves which WSKG, Inc. stewards as "Public Broadcasting". There is no known criteria, or test, or board to go before. There are no training classes or handbooks for community producers. There are no technical standards which must be met, no artistic or political merits determination, no procedure at all.

    Up until Tish, all requests for broadcast access or requests for help with completion grants, technical assistance, or use of equipment, were denied.

    (Oh, with the possible of the exception of the Dave Whalen / Steve Garlock show promoting this area as a haven for sex-offenders, noteable for how bizarre it was)

    I tried once to use FOIL to obtain the records of how many such requests by independent community producers were denies, and the FOIL request was properly denied, according to Robert Freeman of the NY Committee on Open Government. He argued that WSKG, Inc. is not a public body subject to Open Meetings Law. I argued they were, because a) they are chartered by the State Dept. of Education, b) they maintain a public improvement (SUNY holds the license), and c) the state is in control of the board and bylaws. To quote Gilliam's Brazil, "bloody bureaucracy!"

    So why do they call it "PUBLIC" Broadcasting???

As you can see from this map, WSKG's broadcast area covers a very large area of the Marcellus Shale affected areas
of NY and NE PA:
  • However, according to their website, WSKG's next show about the Marcellus shale will be at the end of November, AFTER all of the DEC hearings are over:

    From this page:

    "The revised SGEIS regulating natural gas drilling was released in September. Crystal Sarakas will take a look at what the proposed regulations say and will talk about what's next in the fight over gas drilling in New York in the November 29th episode of Community Conversation. Submit your thoughts: 888-359-9754 or"


The DEC hearings are in November, and the public comment period ends Dec. 12th.

So it is URGENT that WE THE PEOPLE claim ownership of the Public Airwaves, and Public Broadcasting!

Make your voice heard,
that WSKG should be doing MUCH MORE
about this urgent issue
which will affect ALL NY residents.

This should include:
  • DAILY radio shows about Marcellus Shale
    (radio is nearly free for them to produce, and there is PLENTY of hours which are not being used)
  • WEEKLY TV shows.

Shaleshock Media
has dozens of hours of broadcast quality HD content
of URGENT local interest to the people living over the Marcellus Shale,
including 2 complete informational sessions on the SGEIS process.

IT IS URGENT that you call / email / fax WSKG
and let them know you think they are not doing enough
to inform the population about what is going on.

Here are some ways to contact WKSG:

  • Letters to:
    WSKG, PO Box 3000, Binghamton, NY 13902

  • Physical Address:
    601 Gates Rd., Vestal, NY 13850

  • Phone (607) 729-0100
    ask to speak with Brian Sickora or the Program Director.

  • Phone (607) 729-0200
    and leave a message

Most of the people in this area have no idea what is coming, yet,
gas drilling will bring a rapid and massive industrialization,
and threaten our food, our air, our water, and land. Fracking will threaten everything we hold precious,

...yet WSKG "PUBLIC" broadcasting is jamming the radio airwaves with
28 hours of mind-numbing music PER DAY???

If you care about our region, AND if you truly support "Public Broadcasting",
will you committ to either calling WSKG, or emailing, or faxing,
and ask that they put Shaleshock Media content on TV and radio

when the DEC hearings on the SGEIS will be held?

Thank you. BH

Be sure to let them know if you are a member,
if you would become a member if they would
air more local community productions,
and information about the Marcellus Shale.

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