Sunday, December 11, 2011

Anthony DiNicola / White Buffalo Inc. Tax Exempt Deer Slaughter

Animals are conscious. They are self aware. They are born of a mother and father. All animals have eyes and a brain. Animals use communication. Animals are autonomous, possessing free-will. Animals have spirit (an unseen animating force) and personality. Animals breathe air and drink water. Animals have blood, bones, and a central nervous system. Animals locomote by their own will. Animals perceive their environment, and make decisions and have complex emotions. Animals nurture their young and grieve upon death. Animals have memories and dreams.

All animals (including humans and deer) have all of these characteristics.

Here is the guy who is coming to Binghamton University to
slaughter/murder 70-90 deer at the Nature Preserve.

Anthony Dinicola is a notorious animal murderer and is responsible for killing perhaps tens of thousands of animals throughout his bloody "career".

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