Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Physical Evidence Contradicts BU's claim of Damage Caused by Deer

Physical Evidence Contradicts BU's claim of Damage Caused by Deer

"There haven't been for many years any new saplings coming up,
because [the deer] chew them as soon as they come up"

-- Julian Shepard, member, BU Committee on the University Environment, YNN, 12/20/2011 

Friends of Nature and Animals took a 4 hour tour of the Nature Preserve
with local deer hunter Steve Tompkins. "I don't see any signs of
overpopulation," said Tompkins, who is against the planned slaughter of
90% of the herd. "They might never recover".

We were able to easily locate many young saplings, shrubs,
and other forest undergrowth which Shepard claims do not exist.
"This appears to be a healthy forest," said Tompkins.

PHOTO: A grove of new saplings observed recently in the
Binghamton University Nature Preserve.

PHOTO: closup of saplings, bushes, and underbrush.

Friends of Nature and Animals is calling on Julian Shepard to provide
physical evidence and objective proof to back up the assertions of

a) the alleged overpopulation of deer in the BU Nature Preserve, and
b) proof of the damage they are allegedly doing to the environment.
c) non-lethal, non-violent solutions have been explored

NOTE: Friends of Nature and Animals considers the slaughter, sterilization, or removal
of any animals in the Nature Preserve to be acts of violence. These acts are
ALL illegal, immoral, irrational, and unnecessary.

"If there is no evidence supporting the claim
of deer overpopulation, then why is Binghamton University
wanting to go through with this senseless slaughter?",
asked William Huston, of Friends of Nature of Animals.

"Someone needs to answer some questions", said Huston,

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