Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Please help SUPPORT LIFE in the Susquehanna River Basin


Susan Obleski ( // 717-238-0423 ext. 316 )
Director of Communications for the SRBC is claiming in an email
to me and others,

"the Commission did officially complete all its scheduled
actions as reported in the press release

This video clearly shows THE MEETING WAS ADJOURNED.

They cannot continue to do business after that.
The vote was OUT OF ORDER.

What can we do about this people? 

Can someone contact Ian Urbana @ NYT or
Abrahm Lustgarten @ ProPublica?

"Governments derive their just powers from the Consent of the Governed"
 -- Declaration of Independence.

However, the SRBC is not acting with the will of the people.
They are thus NOT a democratic body,
and thus have NO JUST POWERS.

The SRBC is an illegitimate body,

There is wide opposition to these massive water withdrawals,
amounting to Tens of Millions of Gallons PER DAY
and perhaps tens of Billions of Gallons PER YEAR,
Hundreds of Billions of Gallons over the duration of the "shale play",
and Tens of Trillions Gallons Worldwide as a result of fracking.

There have been NO Cumulative impact studies done
about how the permanent removal of this MASSIVE amount of potable
water from the hydrological cycle will impact life in the basin.

Reasonable science dictates that the consequences
may be grave and catastrophic.
This could be a DOOMSDAY Scenario.

This could lead to genocide and sickness for
millions of people, birds, animals, fish, trees,

The Precautionary Principle must be applied here.
We must stop this.

Please help us focus on the SRBC
and halting these massive water withdrawals
from the Susquehanna River Basin.

Ideas, creative actions, disruptions, ruckuses etc.
NVDA is encouraged.

PLEASE do not resort to violence or hatred.

Let us do this work with COMPASSION FOR ALL BEINGS,
including those performing these

Please help.

William Huston  
Binghamton NY             Phone: 607-321-7846

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