Tuesday, December 20, 2011

(video) Breaking: SRBC meeting was ADJOURNED before the vote!

"This meeting stands adjourned"

As you may have heard in the "OM video",
I (and many others) prayed for a miracle to occur.

It looks like a miracle was granted,
yet no one seemed to notice it at the time...

This is an excerpt from a contentious meeting
of the Susquehanna River Basin Commission.

There was a disruption which occurred during the meeting,
during which the chair adjourned the meeting.

The commissioners then came back in the room
and moved to approved the docket of ~24 new water
withdrawals for hydrofracking.

Many people left the meeting depressed,
as the disruption failed to stop the vote. 

However, it does not appear this vote was in order.

The audio portion of this recording was from a Tascam DR-07
sitting on top of a speaker cabinet which was about 10 feet
from the table where the commissioners were seated.


PLEASE forward this to ALL media outlets within the Susquehanna River Basin,
and to contacts at NYT, ProPublica, etc.

This should become "NEWS" to help this stick.

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