Monday, December 5, 2011

(video) "My Name is Allegany County" now online!

Shaleshock Media is pleased to announce the online premiere
of the film "My Name is Allegany County"
which documents a (somewhat rare) successful environmental campaign,
to keep a "low level" nuclear waste dump out of NY state.

This campaign was so successful, that it killed the entire
program, which had a national scope.

This present time is connected to history.
I would urge all modern Fractivists to take some time
and watch this amazing film.

I have had the privilege of meeting Spike Jones (featured
in this film) twice, first at Jeff+Jodi's NVDA training camp.
I also met Spike again at the Dansville DEC hearings.
Spike is a brilliant strategist. Our generation can learn
invaluable lessons from the previous one.

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