Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Libous' office: NO MEETING w/Patrick McElligott

Senator Libous: 607-773-8771, 877-854-2687 (Binghamton), 518-455-2677 (Albany)

I just called Sen. Libous' office.

I am SHOCKED by this, but his office is saying
1) Sen. Libous meets with his constituents every day
2) Sen. Libous sits on an advisory board loaded with environmentalists
3) Sen. Libous hears both sides
4) NO MEETING w/Patrick McElligott
5) the Sen. will not change his mind on this issue.

I asked:
Don't you think it's strange that a representative WILL NOT meet with a constituent?

(repeats 1-5 above)

I replied: but Patrick has stated he does not want to change the Senator's mind.

(repeats 1-5 above)

then I'm sorry... I've answered you... hangs up.


Sen. Libous: Please have a meeting with Patrick McElligott
Here are his numbers:

Senator Libous: 607-773-8771, 877-854-2687 (Binghamton),
518-455-2677 (Albany)

He's in Albany, so may want to try there first.
But call both offices.
Call often.

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