Sunday, January 22, 2012

WBNG Pro-gas show tomorrow night (Important == please read)

WBNG Pro-gas Propaganda
& The Media Access Problem

The short of it:

PLEASE carefully watch the WBNG show tomorrow night.
(...if you can bear it...) Record it if you can.
Start 5m prior and include 5m after.

  • Note any inaccuracies (lies) or bias that you find
  • Watch for any sponsorship identification
    (starting 5m before the show to 5 min. after it ends)

    If they DO NOT mention a sponsor, there is a big problem.
    If they DO mention a sponsor, note who it is.

  • Watch for anything which you would say works against the public interest.

I will send instructions for making a complaint with the FCC later.

This really major, folks.
License renewals are coming up in a couple of years,
and WBNG is already in the hotseat:


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ChipTex said...

This is mockumentary is from a fracking shill

Karen Moreau . .