Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Deborah Rogers: Economics of Fracking (video)

Shale Promises? Or Shale Spin?
The Economics Behind Fracking

a talk by Deborah Rogers

deborah rogers

Link to this page: http://tinyurl.com/ShalePromisesShaleSpin

This talk was recorded 19 Jan 2012 in Binghamton NY,
and contains late breaking information about the economics of fracking.

Did you know...

* 80% of the wells in every shale play are not profitable? This leads to the "drilling treadmill" effect, where the operators must keep drilling just to make debt service

* The life of a shale gas well is not 30 years, but more like 4 years?

* An SEC rule changed caused most operators to overstate their reserves?

* LNG import terminals are being converted for export?

In addition to the Youtube player, these others are also available:

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Link to this page: http://tinyurl.com/ShalePromisesShaleSpin

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